A Piece of His Heartstring

There are six sister bracelets now scattered across North America. I know where two of them are because I am wearing one. The other is on the wrist of another true fan in Florida. These bracelets are not made of platinum and diamonds. They are not even gold or silver. They are guitar strings wrapped in various colors of wire as individual as each of us who wears them. The value comes not from the material but from it’s source. These guitar strings came from a guitar played by Bono. Yes, Bono.

The strings were donated to a fledgling charity, Filament Project, by Dallas Schoo, U2’s guitar tech, and the proceeds benefit the Sweet Relief organization. Sweet Relief assists uninsured musicians with medical needs. There are bracelets available made from the strings of other artists, and more are being sought out. It is a worthwhile cause, and it gave to me a small piece of someone who has been a constant in my life for twenty-five years.

I saw the auction notice for a bracelet made out of a guitar string played by Edge at the last show of the 360 tour in Moncton. It was used for With or Without You which is THE song for me. I was tempted by it and checked out the auction page on eBay. The page mentioned that bracelets made from Bono’s guitar strings were available as well. My heart stopped for just a moment. I contacted the seller, Filaments Project, and inquired about the availability. She replied that they were available and could be listed. I kept watch, but family things got in the way, and I missed the first one. I contacted her again, and she willingly put up another. This one did not get away from me.

I rarely buy things of value for myself. I have friends who regularly indulge in new clothes, shoes, jewelry. With four kids, I buy what I need when I need it. My rare indulgence now that I’m getting older has been upgrading my skin care and cosmetics. This was a major splurge. This was a rare opportunity, and I knew I’d regret it forever if I didn’t take the chance. I don’t regret it at all.

To try and explain what this means to me would expose a part of my heart I’m not ready to expose to the world. The way I feel about this man is not rational or explainable to the casual fan. It’s not even explainable to the man I’ve created four lives with and who I intend to live the rest of my days with. Thankfully, he accepts this as a part of me which has nothing to do with our relationship.

Bono’s voice is with me always. It always will be. Now, I have a tangible piece of him. This bracelet is nearly weightless on my wrist, but it once carried the sound of music which has been the soundtrack of my life for so many years. I hope he knows about this bracelet and it’s sisters. I hope he knows what it means to each of us who wears one. I hope he knows what his voice, his lyrics, his humanitarian actions mean to those of us who love him. There, I said it. Love. I hope, somehow, he knows.

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